how-to-get-more-roi-out-of-your-inbound-marketing-part-1While there are many key questions that businesses need to ask about their Inbound Marketing campaigns, by far the most critical and consequential is: how do we get more ROI?

Based on our experience working with businesses across the country – along with our own massive Inbound Marketing success right here at Leap Clixx – here’s part 1 of advice on boosting ROI:

1. It all starts with great content.

Quality content is the most pivotal factor in whether an Inbound Marketing campaign hits a grand slam – or strikes out looking. Frankly, there is no substitute for crafting original, compelling, relevant, and well-written content, and sharing it with your various customer groups (i.e. your buyer personas). And really, how can it be otherwise? Great content is the lifeblood of Inbound Marketing. Without it, the chances of achieving healthy Inbound Marketing ROI is not just slim: it’s non-existent.

2. Consistency is key.

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when they launch in-house Inbound Marketing campaigns is consistency; or rather, the lack of consistency. That’s because their campaigns start out with a bang as leadership is excited, engaged and eager to blow past the competition. But those same leaders quickly become focused on other priorities, and their campaigns fade, fizzle and “die on the vine” as they’re starved of resources and attention. Achieving Inbound Marketing ROI is similar to getting healthy. It’s not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing commitment, and that takes consistency.

3. The right platform is essential.

Many businesses trying to launch successful, profitable Inbound Marketing campaigns are juggling dozens of tools to create and upload content, track performance, generate reports, conduct keyword research, and so on. Before long, there’s a mountain of spreadsheets, documents, analytics tools and emails that nobody can comprehend.

The solution to this – and the key to ROI – is to use the right Inbound Marketing platform, which is one that automates and streamlines processes, centralizes data and reporting, enables template-driven content publishing, and turns Inbound Marketing from an inefficient ordeal into an efficient operation.

Here at Leap Clixx, we highly recommend HubSpot to our clients. We were recently named a HubSpot Gold-Tier partner based on our track record of performance and results (read the press release).

Stay Tuned for Part 2 

In part 2, we’ll look at more practical and powerful ways that you can get more ROI out of your Inbound Marketing. Stay tuned!