10_Blogging_Statistics_to_Sell_Your_Boss_on_a_Content_Marketing_StrategyAfter weeks or perhaps months of pushing content marketing strategy up the agenda and onto the radar screen, your boss has finally asked you for some “hard numbers” on blogging.

Below, we highlight 10 blogging statistics that will impress and inspire your boss – and probably help you get promoted as well (which is always a nice bonus, right?). 

10 Blogging Statistics to Jump Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Businesses that prioritize blogging are 1300% more likely to generate positive ROI than those who don’t. (source: HubSpot)
  1. Businesses with active blogs generate 55% more site visits. (source: HubSpot)
  1. 82% of businesses that blog daily have acquired a customer exclusively and entirely because of their blog. (source: HubSpot)
  1. Businesses with active blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. (source: HubSpot)
  1. Businesses with active blogs generate 97% more links to their website than those who don’t. (source: HubSpot) 
  1. Generating leads through blogging (and other inbound marketing methods) is 62% less costly than generating leads via outbound or conventional marketing methods. (source: HubSpot)
  1. 61% of customers say they are more likely to buy from a business that regularly publishes custom blog content vs. republishes content found elsewhere. (source: Custom Content Council)
  1. Blogs reach 80% of all U.S. Internet users. (source: Content Marketing Institute)
  1. Blogging and other custom content creation is ranked as the #1 most effective SEO technique. (source: Marketing Sherpa)
  1. 20% of the total time that customers spend online is on business websites that offer a steady stream of original, quality content (source: the CMA)

While these statistics should make a very positive impression on your boss, if he or she is still on the fence, then top it off with this bonus statistic:

  • According to HubSpot, businesses are INCREASING their content marketing budgets – which means that if your boss continues taking a “wait and see” approach, then your competitors are going to steal your current and future customers; even if you offer a superior solution. So in other words: on today’s business landscape, maintaining an active blog isn’t optional – it’s essential.

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Before heading into that all-important meeting with your boss, contact the content marketing experts here at Leap Clixx. We’ll empower you with even more data and help you build a highly impressive and influential presentation and game plan – so that instead of asking “Why should we be blogging more?” – your boss will say: “Wow, that’s an eye opener – when can we get started?”