Our Approach

Agile marketing is a tactical approach that allows businesses the ability to quickly adapt and become more responsive to today’s ever-changing marketing environment. Using agile marketing, a business can identify what strategies are not working and then make adjustments accordingly. Having the flexibility to make these data driven strategic changes is in the best interest of the business and puts an ultimate focus on ROI.

Pillars of Agile Marketing

Strategic Management

Instead of creating a strict plan for each client’s marketing campaign, Agile & Co. decides on which inbound strategies are going to lead to the best results on a monthly basis. Simply put, if something isn’t working, we reallocate those funds accordingly. By analyzing data and forecasting future data points, we are able to better predict the best strategic move to reach our client’s goals.

Alignment & Collaboration

With constant reflection on campaigns and strategies, we like to keep the line of communication open with clients for alignment and collaboration. At Agile & Co., we get to know each client and their business to ensure that every inbound marketing strategy sets a path to success. With this constantly shifting approach to marketing, we check in with clients consistently, get their feedback, and further grow our relationship.

Continuous Adjustment & Improvement

Many opportunities arise throughout a marketing campaign. Instead of fearing change, we embrace it. We make data-driven decisions based on how to improve performance each month for maximum efficiency. By constantly recognizing changes that are occurring, we are able to quickly respond and continue driving results.

What to Expect

At Agile & Co. we utilize agile marketing in every approach we take. That’s why we work on a value-based point system to deliver our clients the best results. Depending on your budget, there are a certain number of points available for usage each month. These points can then be applied to various deliverables such as content offers, workflows, offsite SEO, blog creation, and so on. To plan each month’s agile marketing strategy, we collaborate with our clients and propose the best possible usage of their points. By having the flexibility to adjust each month, we have found that it allows for faster response to changing opportunities and quicker results for our clients. Say goodbye to stiff contracts!

Why Agile & Co.?

  • Constant evaluation of your “digital status” and adaptation to change
  • Maximum ROI for all inbound services
  • Reflection on campaign results for data-driven decisions
  • Out with the monotony, in with the versatility
  • High-efficiency results

Our Onboarding Process

We will set you up for success

At Agile & Co. we want to understand your circumstances, wants, and needs. We will set you up for success as you go through our streamlined onboarding process.

1. Initial Consultation Call

When you reach out to Agile & Co. for the first time, you will schedule a call with our team. This call will allow us to get to know you, your business, and your overall needs and goals. Not only is this an opportunity for us to ask questions about anything from how long you’ve been in business to the state of your industry/niche, but to also understand your current and past marketing activities. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, this is a great time for you to ask us any initial questions that you have!

2. Discovery Call

On this call, we will be asking a lot of “101” questions about your business. This will help us better understand your company and the current landscape of your market. We are interested in your company’s goals, plans, challenges, and success timeline, and last but not least, your budget. Since everyone’s needs are different, and we build out custom marketing plans, budget is an absolute necessity for us to tailor your proposal.

3. Research

Next, we do extensive research on your company, your competitors, SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc. This will allow us to identify inbound marketing opportunities and see where your company’s digital state lines up in your marketplace. We will then meet as a team and put together a cumulative synopsis of our findings. At this time, we will know if we are a good fit for you!

4. Agile Inbound Marketing Proposal

The last step is to provide you with an agile inbound marketing proposal that exceeds your expectations and has the mobility to change and adjust as opportunities arise. Our proposal will be aligned with your company’s goals, timeline, and budget, and will clearly walk you through our findings, recommendations, and overall strategic approach.

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