Get Instant Traffic and Results with SEM.

Search engine marketing is a quick, cost-effective method to increase your website’s visibility online.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a quick, cost-effective method to increase your website’s visibility online. Think of it like leasing an apartment. Search engines like Google and Bing allow you to rent space on their search results page, for a fee, of course.

You pay when people click on your ad and visit your website. If you stop paying ,your space on the search results page becomes available to your competition.

Dedicated Analyst

At Agile & Co., we utilize a customized approach for every client. You will be assigned a Google AdWords Certified analyst who will personally oversee your marketing efforts, always ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Keyword Research

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we work directly with Google to ensure that every new campaign includes all possible relevant search terms.

Linking Ads To Appropriate Landing Pages

We will analyze your landing pages and match them up with the most appropriate ads, therefore creating a synergy between the ads visitors click on and the landing pages they are then sent to. This allows us to present a cohesive, unified message throughout the visitor interaction.


We can target campaigns to reach users in and around the location your company serves. This ensures your money is never wasted, as ads are only displayed for users within the target location.

Complete Account Transparency & Decision Making

Agile & Co. will give you full account transparency, and you’ll be able to check on your campaign whenever you like. You will also have complete control over your marketing budget, which allows you to tweak your spending as needed based on evolving business goals, time of year, or specific promotions.

A/B Testing

Agile & Co. will regularly test different ads to establish the best performers and adjust as necessary. We want your business to have the lowest possible cost per conversion while also boosting your clickthrough rates.

Monthly Reporting

Every month, you will receive a report detailing the performance of your search engine marketing campaign. Your analyst will explain what efforts to optimize your campaign have been executed over the last month and will review your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why Google AdWords Should Be Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Google AdWords can save you time and money while attracting more qualified leads to your business. Being able to advertise strategically and efficiently has never been easier.

Through this eBook, you’ll learn what Google AdWords is and discover how targeting search engine traffic with specific ads can bring more qualified leads to your business.

Are you ready to see how SEM can help you get more traffic, visibility, and results?

Our inbound marketing strategists are ready to help ensure your inbound marketing machine is set up and running smoothly. We want you to hit your goals.