Whether a business sells professional services to engineers or laptops to hard core gamers, the fact is that having a social media presence and profile is mandatory. But that’s not where the must-haves end. 

Because competition for hearts, minds and ultimately wallets on the social media landscape is fierce, and it’s growing tougher by the day. Businesses that fail to capture the interest of their target audience risk getting lost in the crowd. However, those businesses that step up and stand out can look forward to a stream of likes, upvotes, shares and, ultimately, prospects and customers. 

To point your business in that happy and profitable direction, here are 3 outstanding real-world social media campaign ideas from successful businesses:

Social media campaign ideas 1: GE’s #6SecondScienceFair

The scoop: GE is among many businesses that want to promote science among students – and at the same time, establish itself as a thought leader in the STEM space. This powerful campaign on Vine and Tumbler challenged people to fit “as much science as possible into 6 seconds”. The fact that the company has received more than 150,000 likes and over 100,000 re-vines proves that there’s plenty of interest out there.

Key takeaway: Even if your business isn’t in the science or STEM field, GE’s successful campaign showed that you don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting or spend a lot of money to get people involved. Just make it simple, creative and community-based. 

Social media campaign ideas 2: Qdoba’s Favorite Queso Contest

The scoop: Instead of having a market research team help the company decide which quesos to keep on their menu, restaurant chain Qdoba opened it up to their customers and had them vote on their favorite via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign was a hit, and generated a level of publicity that would have been impossible to buy at any price.

Key takeaway: Contests and showdowns are a great way to get customers involved – provided that participation is fun, fast and easy.

Social media campaign ideas 3: The ALS Association’s “Ice Bucket” Challenge

The scoop: Who can forget this incredible campaign? Folks around the world doused themselves (or someone else) in a shower of ice, and submitted the evidence on social media. It was fun, engaging, humiliating, and generated a whopping $15 million for ALS research.

The takeaway: Combining a public relations campaign with fundraising is a great way to generate buzz and get attention. Granted, you don’t have to ask people to dump ice on each other. There are other (and dryer) ways to get your customers and community involved, and for you to make a donation to a worthy charity based on likes, shares, submissions, and so on.

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