Most lawyers probably don’t relish the idea of having to market themselves. After all, attorneys feel most at home in the courtroom or working with their clients. So it’s probably no surprise that budgeting adequate time to nail down a branding strategy is difficult –– if not impossible for many lawyers. Still, marketing is an essential aspect of a lawyer’s business. Indeed, lawyers need to display themselves to their clients. Simply opening their doors and hoping the right type of client finds them is naive at best. The good news is, attorneys have plenty of options when they start a marketing campaign. And with that in mind, today we’re going to explain three reasons to explore SEO for lawyers:

Increased Specificity

Lawyers work in specific fields with specialized knowledge and qualifications. However, unlike other businesses, your law firm can’t convey what you do based solely on your name. For instance: everyone knows what Burger King specializes in. But it’s impossible to know what type of law an attorney practices unless they tell you. Yet, this “problem” is precisely why SEO for lawyers is such an elegant solution. That’s because law firms can form a strategy to promote certain keywords that relate to their area of expertise. Long-tail keywords can help optimize your web pages’ performance on search engines and bring visitors who are searching for these keywords to your website.

Greater Scalability

If you’re looking to grow your law firm, then you need to take a hard look at developing a strong SEO strategy sooner than later. Merely relying on traditional, offline advertising can only do so much for your business in a digital age. If you really want to see your company experience sustained growth, you need to produce organic content in order to rise up the rankings on search engines.

Utilizing your website pages and blog content to grow your firm’s thought leadership can help you cover more ground in terms of keywords that your website ranks for. As an example, if you write a blog series on frequently asked questions, you have an opportunity to rank for those questions in addition to the keywords on your regular website pages. If those questions get a decent amount of search traffic each month and you’re ranking highly for them, you’ll get more visits to scale your business!

More Clients

As a result of a well-maintained SEO strategy, lawyers of all varieties will likely see more business come into their law firms. Plain and simple, people will look for services you offer online, and it’s to your benefit to market yourself so that they’ll find you. SEO for lawyers is no longer a luxury –– it’s a necessity.

Though SEO is a long term strategy that may take months or years to produce great results, it can generate massive ROI over time. Because the results on Google are free to rank for organically and receive the largest share of traffic on the search engine results page, lawyers can acquire a substantial portion of monthly searches around their target keywords.

The Bottom Line

No matter the size, experience, or qualifications of your law firm, exploring what SEO can do for your operation is a must for every lawyer. If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, contact the Leap Clixx team today. We’ve worked with lawyers for years and know the unique challenges legal professionals face in marketing and advertising. And for more information about how SEO will boost your marketing results, download our free eBook here: