seo-tactics-implementGood SEO takes significant time and effort to implement, partially because of how Google works. The world’s most powerful search engine plays a major role in inbound marketing, because a company’s website must be relevant in Google’s eyes in order to rank highly in search results. When that happens, your site will get more clicks, which means more traffic and then more leads.

However, most folks don’t want to wait to see the fruits of their SEO labor. They want faster results, something they can use for an immediate boost so they can show their boss some good-looking numbers. SEO doesn’t really work that way, but if you’re just looking to get a quick boost, here are four tactics you can try:

For the SEO rookie: start posting blogs immediately

If your company is new to inbound marketing, the most important thing you can do is get started right now. Figure out what some good keywords for your business are and start writing. You want to write smart, valuable blogs, but at this moment, it’s more important for you to simply just post.

For the social media maven: promote the heck out of your content

If you’re running your company’s social media pages (your business does have a social presence, right?), you need to be leveraging them for all they’re worth. Any new piece of content should warrant a link and post on every social media page/account, and you should be updating those pages at least once per day. Social media posts are factored into Google search results, so a strong social media presence positively impacts your SEO.

For the dutiful inbound marketer: update and repost blogs

This sounds kind of like cheating, but it’s a well-accepted practice in the marketing world. Your old blogs will start to look irrelevant in Google’s eyes after a while, so don’t be afraid to repurpose them. Take an old blog article (at least 6+ months old) and write a new paragraph, or update it with more recent statistics. Then, repost the blog article and don’t hide the fact it’s updated: you can even provide the original publishing date in addition to the date of the update. Google will recognize it as new content and your site will get a little boost.

For the frustrated veteran: backlinking

If you’ve exhausted every idea and utilized every strategy you know to boost traffic, it’s time to try something new. We recommend backlinking.

It’s a relatively simple concept: you reach out to influential bloggers, businesspeople or media members from your industry and ask them to link to your website or one of your articles. Alternatively, you can ask them to write a guest blog article on your site, or offer to write a guest blog for them. You probably won’t get many willing partners, but if you do find some collaborators, you get to briefly take advantage of their audience. This can greatly expand your reach, and it works wonders for your site’s SEO.