4-ways-to-attract-more-customers-to-your-websiteIn the digital marketing world, it may be the most frequent of all frequently asked questions – and it’s also among the most important: how do you attract more visitors to your website? 

There are a number of strategies and tactics that work together as part of an efficient system. Below, we highlight 4 of the most effective:

4 Content Strategies for Attracting Website Visitors:  

 1. Publish Relevant, Engaging Blogs

The numbers don’t lie: according to Social Media B2B, companies that publish relevant and engaging blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. 

And remember: each one of these leads is part of a network that typically contains hundreds or even thousands of others, such as colleagues, associates, friends, family members, etc. By impressing just one new customer through your outstanding blogs, you stand to attract many, many more. If you’re not sure what you should be blogging about, read our advice here.

2. Offer eBooks, Infographics & Other Assets 

The most valuable role in the business world these days is thought leader, and offering informative, topical eBooks, Infographics, and other assets that your visitors actually want is the best way to achieve and maintain this coveted position — and attract a steady stream of high quality web traffic.

Just be sure that the asset(s) you offer can be downloaded instantly, and that you “gate” your visitors by asking them to provide you with some basic information (e.g. name, email address, etc.). That way, you can follow-up with them and spark a conversation that could lead to a rewarding, profitable relationship for them and you.

3. Use Social Media Strategically

Your business may have a social media “presence” in the sense that you have a Facebook and Twitter account, and perhaps a YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ account as well, and so on. And you may post to these platforms every now and then, and have a small, but loyal community of fans and followers.

However, these properties aren’t just a passive part of your digital marketing system: they are valuable assets that, if developed, supported and managed strategically, can drive much more traffic to you website. 

What’s more, it works the other way as well: you can drive more traffic from your website to your social media properties – and from one social media property to another — and thus extend your reach and influence far beyond your website’s borders. You could literally reach millions of new people!

4. Use SEO – the Right Way!

If there’s a more confusing topic in the digital marketing world than SEO…we haven’t come across it! This is because many businesses we speak with have, frankly, been burned by SEO in one way or another – usually because they paid some smooth talking consultant thousands of dollars to “get on page 1 of Google” – which of course, didn’t happen. At least not for more than a few weeks or months at the most. 

Our advice on this is clear, and based on in-depth experience: SEO is extremely effective and can definitely help drive more traffic to your website – but it has to be done the RIGHT way. That is, it must be done in alignment with search engine (Google) best practices; some of which are published, but many of which are not, and are only known to experts who work in the SEO field.

What About Pay-Per-Click Ads?

We’re not including pay-per-click ads in our list because for some businesses, it’s not the right strategy for generating more traffic – at least not until they get their website, blog, ebooks and other assets up to a certain level. However, we did want to include it in this blog post, because it should be part of the conversation at some point.

However, we do need to add that if you’re thinking of taking the PPC plunge, then be very careful: choosing the wrong keywords and failing to regularly monitor your account (or not setting up the controls and parameters right in the first place) can lead to a HUGE bill from Google or Bing – and little or no web traffic to show for it. Indeed, some businesses have been shocked to discover that they owe tens of thousands of dollars in PPC fees because their marketing consultant forgot to turn something off, selected the wrong keywords, or both. Please don’t let this happen to you!

Next Steps 

If you’re looking to increase web traffic – which is something that, frankly, all businesses should be looking to do, whether they’re a Fortune 100 enterprise or a brand new start-up – then give us a call today. We’ll be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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