Lots of businesses these days are utilizing pay per click (PPC) campaigns within their broader search engine marketing strategy. However, few know how to really get the most from their PPC efforts. Indeed, successfully managing a PPC account requires a deep understanding of target markets, keyword usage, conversion tracking, and landing page optimization. However, that doesn’t cover everything you need to know in order to maximize the impact of a PPC campaign. The best PPC managers appreciate that to get the best results, they need to know their client inside and out –– as well as their competition. While plenty of small business owners would love to get more from their PPC efforts, not many have the skills or the time to improve their campaigns. That’s why it’s essential to identify the perfect PPC consultant to assist your business. If you do, you’ll soon be reaping these five significant benefits and advantages:

Account Autonomy

In the wrong hands, a PPC account can be a burden. Not only will a mismanaged PPC campaign cost your company money, but the strain of keeping up with it often frustrates or confuses professionals who lack PPC experience. Moving your PPC work in-house requires a major commitment from you and your staff, so unless your willing to spend untold hours training employee(s) so they can get up to speed, it’s better to look for outside help in this regard. Note also that just because you’ve hired a PPC expert, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose control of your campaigns. Rather, the best paid advertisements spawn from collaboration between the parent company and the consultant!

Lower Costs

If not given the necessary care or attention, PPC campaigns can become cost-prohibitive. For example, using negative keywords within your account can help eliminate unqualified leads who may have clicked your ad, costing you money in the process. In addition, PPC experts will know how to analyze the data and make adjustments that can lower your cost-per-lead resulting in a higher ROI.

Precise Targeting/Higher Conversion Rates

Just as savvy PPC management will likely lead to a decrease in expenses, wise PPC decision-making can also contribute to increased conversion rates. By zeroing in on precise keywords that can benefit your business, PPC consultants put your sales team in contact with quality leads. Plus, understanding how to craft a PPC ad can have a massive effect on the ad’s click-through rate. A PPC consultant will also create a compelling tagline for the ad and sync it up with a matching landing page –– thus ensuring the highest possibility for lead engagement.

Constant Adjustment and Alteration

PPC campaigns aren’t something you can set up at the beginning of the year and then forget about for months at a time. Instead, if you’re looking to get the best possible returns, you need to manage your account meticulously. Monitoring keyword performance, A/B testing landing pages, and searching for time-sensitive opportunities are all tasks that an accomplished PPC pro can take off your plate.

Comprehensive and Cogent Reporting

If you dislike digging through pages upon pages of reporting data and keyword metrics, then bringing on a PPC consultant can relieve you of this unenviable task. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t in your paid advertising campaign can be a tricky prospect, and while the best PPC managers understand how to create a report with pertinent information on it (and omitting the non-essentials), other interfaces are not so kind.


Deciding to run a PPC campaign for your business is a good decision. Finding a reliable PPC consultant to assist you in that endeavor is a better one. Contact the Leap Clixx team today if you’re ready to experience the advantages of improved PPC performance. And for more information on why paid advertising should be a part of your inbound marketing strategy, download our free eBook here: