What is the point of marketing content if not to generate leads and sales? Yes, it’s beneficial to draw in large numbers of traffic through blog posts, but at the end of the day, money talks. The problem is, it’s difficult for many small businesses to boost their content conversion rates. And more than one copywriter has struggled to produce content that yields tangible returns. Fortunately, you can use any one of these five tips to make your site more appealing and engaging to interested leads:

Write Strong Pieces

Easier said than done, admittedly, the best way to consistently generate conversions from your content is to write excellent copy. The best blog posts are emotionally charged, technically proficient, and carefully edited. In an ideal world, marketers should strive to tell a story every time they produce a piece of content.

Engage with Graphics

Though a blog post is principally a written piece of work, images can still play a vital role in capturing a visitor’s attention. In addition, visual representations of complex concepts in the form of graphs or figures can go a long way toward improving reader engagement. Of course, we’d be remiss to exclude videos from this list as well.

Offer Readers the Chance to Convert

This may sound painfully obvious, but if your content doesn’t provide readers the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter, download a content offer, or speak to a sales representative, then they’re unlikely to do any of those things on their own. Make it a point to close each blog post with an invitation to engage further.

Create Diverse Content

Not all visitors to your blog will be well-informed and prepared to make a purchase imminently. Rather, consumers seek out different types of information depending on how far along they are in the sales process. From a business perspective, it, therefore, makes sense to develop a wide array of content that addresses different queries.

Answer a Tough Question

Consumers utilize search engines when they have a problem. Sometimes that problem is small, like deciding where to go for dinner. Other times, they need in-depth information in order to make an informed purchase decision on behalf of their company. Unsurprisingly, people value blogs that are transparent, straightforward, and –– above all –– answer a tough question. If you adhere to nothing else in this piece, make sure you take this last bit of advice to heart. A blog that doesn’t address what it purports to isn’t just unlikely to convert leads into sales; it could actively turn off current customers.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be a prolific writer to produce content that leads to conversions. It does help, though. At Agile & Co., we have years of experience working with businesses in all industries, and our team will collaborate closely with you to ensure your content resonates with your customer base. Contact us here today! Plus, for more information on how to turn your website into a lead-generation machine, check out our free eBook here:

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