here-s-what-you-should-be-blogging-aboutOne of the most frequent questions we get here at Leap Clixx is: “what should we be blogging about?” While each business and marketplace has its own unique dynamics, here is our general advice on what should be covered:

1. Tips and Advice 

Your customers are always looking for tips and advice on issues that within your field of expertise. Blogging this information impresses your customers, and establishes your business as an industry thought leader. Plus, in time your blog will become a “go to” knowledge hub that customers will come back to again and again – and tell their colleagues, family members and friends to check out as well. 

2. Answers to Questions

Your customers have plenty of questions – which you know because you or members of your team answer all day long in-person, over the phone, email, or through your marketing and sales documents (e.g. datasheets, white papers, brochures, etc.). Answering customer questions through your blog is a great way to provide valuable, relevant, timely and topical content. And as mentioned above, you’ll further establish your role as the industry expert and thought leader. 

3. Product or Service Spotlights

You can also spotlight specific products and services on your blog, which lets you tell a deeper and more compelling story of their history, applications, benefits and advantages. These kinds of blogs need to be handled very carefully, because in the wrong hands they can turn into ads – which your customers don’t want, and won’t read. So while it’s fine to talk about your offerings, ensure that you never forget that customers are all about WWIFM (“what’s in it for me”?).  

What About Keywords?

Keyword selection and inclusion are both a big part of blogging. This piece, however, needs to be handled VERY carefully. Mistakes with keywords can be disastrous, because Google’s robot can think that you’re trying to “game the system”. There are important and constantly changing tactical and strategic considerations to keep in mind, as well as emerging (and at times, no longer applicable) best practices that need to be followed. It’s not a good idea to experiment with keywords or “dabble” in them. The risks far outweigh the benefits.  

Trusted Experts

At Leap Clixx, we’re trusted experts who completely handle our clients’ blogging program, which includes everything from keyword selection and strategy, to idea development, writing, editing and publishing. Basically, we take care of EVERYTHING so our busy clients can do what they do best: focus on leading their business and keeping it strong and successful!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your blog into a valuable and profitable asset! For more Inbound Marketing Best Practices, download our eBook below!