Virtually every business in every industry can benefit from improved search engine optimization (SEO) performance. At this point in time, it’s obvious to most small business owners that if they want to get noticed and increase their customer base, they need to prioritize their online presence. However, the key to SEO success is in the details. Understanding your business -– and your industry –– is essential if you’re going to craft an SEO strategy with any efficacy. With that in mind today we’re going to focus on SEO for dentists to display how professionals in this particular field can get the SEO edge they need. (Plus, small business owners in other areas of expertise will likely stand to learn a thing or two here as well.)

Back-End Optimization

It might not be the flashiest element of an SEO strategy, but doing the behind-the-scenes maintenance on your website is critical if you want to plan for long-term growth. Selecting appropriate keywords and writing cogent page titles, meta descriptions, and content will lay the groundwork to help you bring in new customers. After all, consider the way people utilize search engines. Most consumers wouldn’t search for a specific dental company (i.e. a proper name); rather, they’d look for a service or product based on preference or location. Which brings us to our second point . . .

Prioritizing Locality

If marketing trends are anything to go by, then the tendency for people to search for businesses on their mobile phones should underline the importance of local SEO. Plain and simple, professionals like dentists need to convert leads that are closest to them (geographically). And you can drastically improve your chances for local lead conversion by updating and managing your information on local directories – including a Google My Business page. The last thing you want as a business owner is misinformation about your company spreading across the internet. Making sure your hours of operation, location, and services are up to date could prove the difference between landing an interested customer and missing out.


Whether you’re looking to boost SEO for dentists, carpenters, lawyers, or any other profession –– you need to establish a solid blog for your website. Not only will writing keyword-optimized blogs improve your SEO status, but it can also help you generate leads. For instance: dental patients often have questions or concerns regarding different procedures; and a blog is the perfect medium to address these issues and offer valuable insight into your process. Indeed, the most progressive companies treat their blogs as opportunities to convert leads into sales. Keep your work compelling, crisp, and consistent, and you’ll reap the benefits of it soon.

Get Started Today

The most important step in the SEO journey is the first one. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to appreciate the value of improved online visibility and engagement with your customer base. So if you’re ready to take your organization to the next level, contact the Leap Clixx team today! Our agency specializes in helping companies find the best SEO strategy for their needs –– regardless of industry. We understand the unique challenges different professionals face in marketing themselves and will work with you to form the perfect plan of action. Plus, for more information on how to get the most from your SEO efforts, download our free eBook here: