Digital marketing is a fluid industry. Indeed, that’s an understatement. Given the way in which websites, companies, and search engines themselves fluctuate and change (in some cases over the course of a few days) it’s difficult to find any concept with staying power. SEO and SEM, however, are likely to last the test of time because they both deal with a fundamental element of digital-marketing success: getting websites to rank higher for search-engine results. After all, every business wants to rank high on Google and other search engines when customers go to search for their products or services. So it’s natural to wonder about SEO vs SEM pros and cons, and importantly, which is most effective plan for your business?

SEM: More than Just Paid Advertisements

Contrary to popular belief, SEM and SEO aren’t really opposing strategies. Rather SEM (or, search engine marketing) is an all-encompassing term for marketing strategies designed to improve a website’s standing on a search engine. As time has worn on though, SEM has been reduced to become a synonym for PPC (Pay-per-click advertising.) And while that’s not strictly true, it’s easy to understand why people have relegated SEM to this narrower definition. However, it’s important to remember that when discussing an SEM strategy –– SEO can remain a vital part of it. Rather than SEO vs SEM, it’s more productive to consider SEM as a service that can be performed with or without SEO.

A Deeper Look at SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one element to an SEM strategy. While some companies choose to forego SEO in their SEM strategy, the benefits of SEO are numerous and varied. Search Engine Optimization creates a solid baseline upon which to build further marketing efforts. Good SEO entails on-site keyword optimization, back-end meta descriptions, and engaging organic content (blog posts).

What’s the Best Strategy for my Business?

In reality, no two businesses are the same –– and we believe –– no two marketing strategies should be either. Some companies need to lay solid groundwork with SEO to ensure the ability to grow for years to come. Still others would benefit from an SEM campaign that consists entirely of paid advertisements. At the end of the day, the best marketing strategy is one that addresses your concerns and improves your business.

Talk to the SEM/SEO Pros

At Leap Clixx we won’t saddle you with a bland campaign that might as well have come from an assembly line. Instead, we’ll work with you to determine the strategy that’ll perform best for your business. Whether that involves, strictly PPC advertisements, on-site or off-site SEO, organic content creation, and everything in between, we’re read to collaborate with you. We’re an agile marketing company, and we’ll live up to that description. Contact us today and see how a flexible, agile marketing company can better serve you. And for more information about how we personalize SEO to boost your marketing results, download our free eBook here: