trust-in-ads-stop-google-facebook-adsGoogle, Facebook, Twitter and AOL have joined together to launch, with the mission to keep the user experience positive for everyone on the web and keep online advertising safe.

From the Trust In Ads website:

There are scammers that try to “game the system” to find ways to exploit consumers by getting harmful and deceptive ads published on reputable websites. In many cases, these ads, on the surface, appear normal and harmless, but may surreptitiously redirect a person to webpages that can install malware to a computer or mobile devices, direct them to scam or phishing websites, or try to sell them counterfeit goods. Any effort to thwart the bad actors on the internet helps the upstanding businesses that depend on leads from their PPC advertising campaigns. Click here for more information about Trust In Ads.

Keep Your Web Advertising Experience Positive

The mission statement for Trust in Ads site sounds positive “We are a group of internet industry leaders that have come together to work toward a common goal: Protect people from malicious online advertisements and deceptive practices.” They go on to say that “ and its member companies want to keep the user experience positive for everyone on the web, and we have a very strong incentive to keep ads good and safe. Ads fund today’s web and help business grow, and if someone clicks on a bad ad on one platform, their behavior will likely change across the entire web, which could have a significant short- and long-term negative impact on advertisers, publishers, consumers and the entire online ads economy.”

What Trust In Ads is basically saying is that Ads are way too important for them. Like they said, ads fund today’s internet and they want to keep the entire system clean so users will continue to trust ads from companies like Google and Facebook. Once an individual loses trust in the system those companies stand to lose a lot of money.