More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and over 4 billion hours of video are watched. YouTube is the third most visited site, just behind Google and Facebook (source: Alexa). Some of those videos go viral, creating YouTube sensations. Where would Justin Bieber be without YouTube? (Probably back home in Canada). 

No formula exists to make a video go viral but you can take advantage of YouTube for SEO. The more you optimize your videos, the better chance your videos will be found in Google search results, perhaps even page one! YouTube’s recently launched, YouTube One Channel, gives you plenty of opportunity to promote your brand and best of all, it’s free!

Promote Your Brand!

What YouTube really wants to do is help advertisers engage their target audience by encouraging and pushing users towards channel subscriptions. This will allow advertisers to grow a community on YouTube. As a brand, you will receive several benefits from the One Channel design.

  1. First Impression: Use the new trailer feature to win over new subscribers.
  2. Dress Up: Design on your desktop and look good on tablets and all other mobile devices.
  3. Uniqueness: Nobody’s channel will be like yours. Organize your videos and playlist to fit your one of a kind brand.

Tips For Using YouTube One Channel

Since you now know the benefits of YouTube One Channel, here are some tips for you to make the migration.

  • Timing: Be sure to test the new platform, before the automatic migration happens. This is important if you have upcoming marketing campaigns.
  • Design and Branding: This is where you get to update your channel, possibly change your video metadata, decide if you want to change your channel avatar, and create any new channel art that will fit the new larger specs.
  • Video Selection: This is the section you will get to choose which video you want to use as the trailer for non-subscribers. You can select the videos you want to feature on the browse tab; you can also decide your video upload frequency strategy.
  • Community Management: You need to have some sort of resource in place to engage your users, both subscribers and non-subscribers. This will help build your community and engage your audience.
  • Advertising: Make sure your landing page URL’s are updated.

Don’t waste any time and start testing the new channel design as soon as possible. You will want plenty of time to optimize your videos and make changes if needed. It’s best if you do this while you still have the security of changing back to the old design while you perfect your new strategy. If you need help perfecting your strategy, let the experts at Leap Clixx help you.

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