10-great-blog-post-ideas-for-generating-traffic-part-1Here at Leap Clixx, when we tell our clients the best practice for blogging frequency is to post one blog per day, after a short pause, we almost always get the following question in one form or another: “what on earth are we supposed to blog about once a day!?” 

It’s a very smart question (which makes sense, because we have very smart customers!) that we’re happy to answer, because there aren’t just 2 or 3, but 10 great blog ideas that can turn an ordinary or under-performing blog, into an extraordinary one that is capturing attention, pulling traffic, supporting SEO and converting customers.

Below, we present the first 3 of these great blog post ideas for generating traffic:

1. Issues & Insights 

An excellent and virtually endless source of great blog post ideas is to focus on issues and insights that are relevant to your customers (as defined and clarified by your buyer personas). For example, you can look at trends, clarify problems or obstacles, and in essence provide the kind of useful, yet non-branded “top of sales funnel” information that your customers want and need to know. This kind of content is an excellent way to distinguish you from your competition, and establish you as the thought leader in your marketplace.

2. Answers to FAQs

Your customers have important questions that you can certainly address in blog posts (by the way, good keyword research can be a gold mine of great FAQ-worthy questions and answers!). This is particularly beneficial if there are certain answers that need a bit more time and space than what is available on a FAQ page. For example, in a blog post of 400 words you can elaborate on an answer in a way that you simply can’t in a 75-word FAQ page answer. And as an added bonus, using the question in the title of your blog post and in other strategic locations can boost SEO, which will help bring in new customers. 

3. Lists, Lists and More Lists!

This blog post is a perfect example of a great blog post idea that customers love and, frankly, can’t get enough of: lists! Just ensure that your lists are relevant, and focused on the needs of your customers (i.e. they should educate, not sell). And if your list is going to be long (again, what we’re doing here is a perfect example), then you can certainly break it up into part 1, part 2…and so on.

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

In part 2 of our look at 10 great blog post ideas for generating traffic, we’ll highlight 4 more that you’ll definitely want to add to your playbook. Stay tuned!