3-reasons-why-every-inbound-marketing-campaign-needs-phone-trackingOn today’s hyper-connected digital landscape dominated by websites, emails, apps, texts, tweets, and posts, it’s easy to overlook that there’s an essential piece of the inbound marketing puzzle that was patented way back in 1876: the phone!

Indeed, ensuring that your inbound marketing campaign is integrated with phone tracking is critical for optimized success. Here are the 3 reasons why:

1. Lead Attribution, Tracking & Analytics

While the ultimate goal of any inbound marketing campaign is to generate qualified leads and convert as many as possible into customers (and then into raving, loyal fans and evangelists!), understanding who is responding to what ad, offer, article, web page, infographic, or other source is essential. Phone tracking in conjunction with split A/B testing allows you to attribute calls to specific sources, so you can determine what is getting the most traction, from whom, and when – and adjust your resources and campaign accordingly.

2. Personalization

Businesses need to break through technological barriers and make a personal and authentic connection with their customers. Phone tracking supports this important objective by allowing you to prominently display your phone number on your inbound marketing collateral, and therefore foster a more engaging and positive customer journey. What’s more, even if customers choose not to call, prominently displaying your phone number tells them that the option is available. The knowledge that they could speak to you can go a long way to making them feel safe and confident in doing business with you.

3. Market Research

Phone tracking allows you to listen to conversations between customers and your sales team, which is in invaluable source of market research (note: the calls can be recorded and analyzed later). This process allows you to discover what questions your customers are asking, how they perceive your offerings relative to the competition, what their triggers/pain points are, where they are in the buying cycle, and other key insights that you can leverage in a variety of practical and profitable ways – both with the current inbound marketing campaign, and in future campaigns as well. 

The Bottom Line

Clearly, integrating your inbound marketing campaign with call tracking is essential for maximizing ROI and results. And there’s more good news, because, you can leverage your CRM and marketing automation solution (e.g. HubSpot) with call tracking to enhance your customer’s journey, and help them arrive at the conclusion that doing business with you – and not your competitors — is the safe, smart choice!

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