free-up-more-time-with-marketing-automationIt’s almost impossible to imagine, but it was only about 15 years ago (and even more recently in some sectors) that having a business website was seen as an option – and not necessarily even a preferred one, either.
Indeed, many businesses – including some highly successful ones – balked at the idea of having an online presence, and thought it was far wiser to wait for this web “fad” to blow over. After all, why waste money on a short-lived trend?
Well, here we are near the end of 2015, and we can see that this “fad” has not merely remained, but it has grown and intensified exponentially. In fact, most businesses rely on their website and online presence MORE than their brick and mortar location.

The reason we’re taking this little trip down memory lane isn’t just to spread some amusement at just how WRONG some self-described pundits can be (like astronomer, author and teacher Clifford Stoll, who wrote in a 1995 Newsweek article that Internet was “a most trendy and oversold community” that was on its way to being obsolete).
Instead, it’s to point out that some of the same people who are on the fence about marketing automation are, indeed, thinking that it may just “fade away” fairly soon. As such, there’s no need to invest in marketing automation, or even to explore its advantages and benefits. 
Trust us on this: as was the case with the Internet and the web, marketing automation isn’t merely here to stay – it’s the FUTURE of marketing, and there’s absolutely nothing that can possibly stop it. Why are we so confident? It’s because when you simply look at what marketing automation enables and makes possible, the question is no longer “do I really need this in my business?” but “how can I get this for my business NOW?”
In our experience, both with our own company and in helping businesses across the country, here are the top 4 reasons why marketing automation makes is remarkably – and indisputably — beneficial:
1. Enormous Time Saving: Businesses that use marketing automation reduce their close cycle time by an average of 49 percent. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
2. More Leads & Customers: Businesses that use marketing automation enjoy a 451 percent increase in qualified leads. (Source: The Annuitas Group)
3. More Engagement: Businesses that use marketing automation to create and distribute relevant emails reap 18 times more revenue from them vs. conventional broadcast emails. (Source: Jupiter Research)
4. More Revenue: Businesses that use marketing automation enjoy a 10 percent revenue boost within 6-9 months. (Source: Gartner Research)
5. Competitive Advantage: 63% of businesses that use marketing automation outgrow their competitors who don’t. (Source: The Lenskold Group)

With This Being Said…

Yes, marketing automation is here to stay, and yes, as confirmed above, it’s astonishingly rewarding on just about every major KPI that exists: productivity, efficiency, cost savings, revenues, profitability, competitive advantage, and the list goes on.
However, there’s something else here to keep in mind. It’s not a catch, but it’s indeed a qualifier: simply “purchasing” marketing automation doesn’t deliver these benefits. To reap these rewards, your business has to effectively configure and continuously optimize its marketing automation system, which is part of its Inbound Marketing platform and integrated with its contact management, content management, and email marketing software.

Taking the DIY route can quickly result in an SOS. The simplest, smartest and by far the most results-based way forward is to work with a credible and proven Inbound Marketing partner that will make marketing automation work for YOUR business.
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