How hard could it be to spot a marketing failure? After all, some of the most famous and successful companies have been guilty of making major marketing faux pas online. Indeed, nearly every major corporation at this point has committed some sort of regrettable gaff on social media. Yet the truth is, most marketing errors aren’t obvious or cringeworthy. Instead, many companies might not realize they’ve even made a mistake at all. To that end, today we’ll explore three common marketing failures –– and what your business can do to correct them:

Vague Ads and General Keywords

Content creators should have a specific audience in mind whenever they form an ad campaign or write a new blog. That much should be obvious, but it’s something many marketers tend to lose focus on after a while. In the quest to gain more clicks, likes, shares, views, and leads, marketers will sometimes stray from a successful niche in favor of vague or generalized ads. This, however, is a bad idea in most instances. For example, consider a series of ads about organic cleaning products. The operative word in that phrase is, of course, “organic.” Remove that qualifier though, and you’re left with the much more generic keyword, “cleaning products.” Yes, ads with a high-traffic keyword will certainly generate more clicks, but it’s unlikely many of those visitors will have an interest in the specific niche product, in this instance, organic cleaning products.

Radio Silence

As we mentioned above, many major corporations have slipped up in embarrassing ways on social media. However, small business owners should note that remaining inactive across social-media platforms is potentially even more damaging. Modern companies simply need to have a strong social media presence, and if your business currently doesn’t respond to queries, questions, or concerns raised by followers on social media, then you’re missing out on a major opportunity to generate/nurture leads. Remember, social media is one of the best ways to engage with your consumer base!

Throwing in the Towel

Some business owners expect digital marketing efforts to start producing results almost immediately. In reality, though, tactics like SEO require time to take effect. It’s unreasonable to expect a new marketing campaign to set the world alight the moment you launch it. Though it may be difficult, professionals need to exercise a degree of patience when they move over to a new strategy. Constantly switching lanes or flat-out giving up on vital services like back-end SEO will inhibit your company’s ability to develop a strong online presence.

The Bottom Line

Errors are an inevitable aspect of any major project. What’s more, marketing campaigns are fluid entities –– they can and should change based on a number of circumstances. The best businesses find ways to mitigate against the marketing failures that will cost them traffic, leads, and sales. If you’re looking to introduce a new marketing strategy at your location –– or if you’re looking to scale up your current plan –– then make sure to contact the Agile & Co. team. We have years of experience and know-how to craft content and manage PPC accounts to ensure you garner the best marketing results possible. Plus, to learn more about our unique agile, inbound approach, download our free eBook here:
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