Portrait of a happy casual woman sitting on the floor with laptop on gray background.jpegPortrait of a happy casual woman sitting on the floor with laptop on gray background-174870-edited.jpegPortrait of a happy casual woman sitting on the floor with laptop on gray background-174870-edited.jpegblog headlinesHeadlines are the most important aspect of writing a good blog post. Not only are headlines essential to pulling in an audience, but many times it will be the only thing someone reads at all. So getting the most from a headline is critical to your blog’s success. The good news is, there’s a proven formula to writing an eye-catching blog title, while also maximizing your post’s SEO at the same time. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at six of the best practices for writing intriguing blog headlines:

Specificity is King

The more precise your headline is, the better returns you’re likely to see from it. That means you should focus on creating a unique headline that reflects the content of your blog post. In addition, you should look to include numbers and specific adjectives that describe what you’re writing about. If you’ve got five helpful hints in a given blog post, make sure to include that numeral in your title.

Build Around Your Keyword

Before you write a blog post, you need to identify what keyword(s) you’re looking to rank for on search engines. And once you’ve got your target word(s) planned, do your best to incorporate that keyword into your headline. The earlier it appears in the header, the better your chances are for creating a search-engine optimized title. And by using keywords effectively in your headline you’ll guarantee more of your readers will see your blog post –– and from there, transfer onto your website.

Timing is Everything

Writing a blog post on where to find the best Black Friday deals in February isn’t going to land you many readers. So to the best of your abilities keep your blog posts timely. And when composing your headline make sure to let your reader know that they need to read your blog today. Creating a sense of urgency is crucial to maximizing your post’s impact on its viewers.

What’s in it for Them?

Why do we read blog posts? To get information we need to make money, perform a task, solve a problem, resolve a conflict. Let your reader know exactly what they’re getting with a headline that boasts a built-in benefit. If you can promise your reader that they’ll have learned something valuable by the end of your post, you’ll greatly increase your chances of reaching your target audience.

Stay Active

That means to not only avoid passive voice in your headlines, but to include active, concise verbs. Instead of “come up with” use, “identify.” In place of “make the most,” “optimize.” Keep things tight and precise in your headlines; it’ll resonate with your readers.   

Don’t Be Boring

No matter what else you do, don’t write a tedious headline. Make your headlines interesting. If you don’t, nothing else will matter much.

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