It’s never too late to learn something valuable. Business owners of all ages and experience levels can benefit from agile marketing –– but many don’t know what agile marketing is. Sure, you may have heard the term and have a vague understanding of agile marketing, but plenty of professionals would struggle to describe what the agile marketing process actually entails. Not to worry, though. At Agile & Co., we’re agile marketing experts and are more than happy to explain how agile marketing works in practice. Here then is a quick breakdown of what you can expect when you partner with an agile marketing firm:

Getting Started

The first step to forming an agile marketing plan is to do extensive market research. Agile marketing is a concept founded on the use of data, as opposed “gut feelings,” and “intuition.” Agile marketers will likely start by getting to know you and your business; they’ll ask questions about your experience, industry, and goals. Plus, they’ll begin exploring potential opportunities for your business to exploit. Exactly what those opportunities are –– and how an agile marketing team will go about pursuing them –– should be unique to your situation. With agile marketing, you can throw the cookie cutter away.

Building a Campaign

If you think that agile marketing is a mostly reactive strategy, then you’re mistaken. In fact, agile marketers do make plans; they just don’t do make them like other agencies. Rather than constructing a few massive (and potentially expensive) marketing campaigns, agile marketers will accrue data and construct a campaign more methodically. Because agile marketing plans operate on a (relatively) short time frame, agile marketers can make adjustments to their campaigns as they go along. So if a certain strategy starts to yield big dividends one month, an agile marketer can change course and place more focus on it. Alternatively, if a different idea isn’t working out, they can work to correct it, or else scrap it completely. With agile marketing, you should never feel “stuck” with anything.

Constant Testing

As we mentioned above, agile marketers trust data more than hunches. With that in mind, it’s no surprise agile marketers are always testing their work, collecting data, and sharing their findings with clients. At that point, improving a campaign becomes a simple matter of reviewing the data and making adjustments based on the facts. This is how agile marketing works on a basic level:

  1. Research
  2. Campaign Implementation
  3. Campaign Testing
  4. Data Collection
  5. Data Reporting
  6. Campaign Adjustment –– based on Data
  7. Campaign Improvement

Staying Flexible

Once agile marketers have established a successful campaign they won’t stop there. Instead, they’ll continue to look for new possibilities for your company. And since agile marketing plans allow for continual adjustment and alteration, you can be sure that your concerns and ambitions as a client will always be a priority. Agile marketing depends on clients and marketers working closely together and finding a common way forward.

Final Thoughts

Agile marketing was developed to accommodate companies in all fields. So if you’ve struggled to find a marketing strategy that works for your business, it may be time to partner with an agile marketing firm. Contact the Agile & Co. team today to learn how we can help your business get greater exposure online and bring in more revenue as a result. Plus, for more information on marketing best practices all business owners should know, check out our free eBook here

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