Change is the ultimate constant. Whether in business or in life, people, places, and things are always undergoing continual change. However, the rise of the internet has, well, changed how people deal with change. Once upon a time, when a business decided to proceed with a set plan of action, it was difficult to gauge the merit of that strategy until it had played out to a conclusion. Professionals didn’t have access to instant statistics and customer feedback like they do now. Since modern business owners do have access to that intel though, agile marketing was developed to help companies market themselves more effectively –– and react to changes that occur all the time.

Agile Marketing Definition

What is agile marketing? In brief, agile marketing is a tactical approach that enables businesses to react and adapt to changes in a modern business environment.

Now that you know what agile marketing is, here’s why you should care about it.

Agile Marketing Onboarding

As mentioned above, agile marketing is all about responding accordingly to challenges and opportunities within a given market. That’s one reason why the onboarding process with an agile marketing firm is so thorough; after all, if your marketing team is expected to act quickly to serve a client’s best interest –– they have to first understand that client’s business intimately. Comprehending a business’s goals and needs, in addition to where it presides within its industry, is essential to forming an initial agile-marketing plan.

The Agile Marketing Process

So how does agile marketing work in practice? To begin with, it’s not simply a matter of throwing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks. Rather, agile marketing done right involves extensive market research to identify the most profitable opportunities. Agile marketing isn’t beholden to one strategy. By that, we mean agile marketing can take many forms. For instance, it may or may not involve pay-per-click advertising. Since no two businesses are alike, it stands to reason that no two marketing strategies should be either. The best agile marketing firms work to offer companies the best options for their situation. Remember, agile marketing isn’t so much reactive as it is “reactable.” Agile-marketing strategies are flexible and can adjust to fit new parameters, rather than forcing businesses to invest in marketing plans that aren’t producing results.

Benefits of Agile Marketing

The benefits of agile marketing are diverse and varied. In general, when a company partners with an agile marketing agency, they can expect the following:

  • Increased collaboration and communication from their marketing team.
  • Thorough reporting metrics.
  • A/B tests on web pages, advertisements, and design elements to determine maximum ROI for marketing content.
  • Hands-on marketing content management.
  • Continual strategic adjustment –– from PPC keywords to overarching SEO efforts and everything in between.
  • Quick alteration capability to exploit profitable opportunities.
  • Efficient, tangible results.

Make the Switch Today

Regardless of your industry, experience, or size, agile inbound marketing can help your business increase its online presence and draw in more leads than ever before. And at the end of the day, what company would say no to more exposure and revenue? If you’re ready to make the switch to agile marketing, then contact the Agile & Co. team today. We’re dedicated to the principles of agile inbound marketing, and we know how to help you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Plus, to learn more about inbound agile marketing, check out our free eBook here

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